Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What's Your Muse?

Welcome to another Hohenfels Volks entry. The Hohenfels area has lots to inspire, so let’s explore inspiration some more.

When we refer to a person’s “muse,” we’re talking about something that inspires them or gives them a source of inspiration from which they draw upon to create their art. For most of us, especially parents, that muse is a person. My daughter is one of mine, and she loves it! She loves being the center of attention when we’re out taking photos. Nevertheless, Muses take many forms. Let’s explore some.

As I said, our children and families can really become a great source of inspiration. Documenting our lives with a little creativity and inspiration can be more than just an exercise in snapping some pics. Adding some vision, depth, and inspiration can make it a great way to practice your photography, and make your memories that much more enjoyable. Have fun and be inspired by your loved ones! Let their habits and quirks become a source of inspiration and creativity for your work. Showing a loved one’s offbeat style in different ways can create some nice images and lead to some fun conversations in the process. Explore the muses your family presents. You’ll be amazed at the opportunities you find for some great pics!

Places can be great sources for inspiration. Maybe it’s the town church and all its attendant glories; maybe it’s the local watering hole on darts night. There are probably some muses in the places you visit, you just haven’t noticed. Perhaps you always wanted to take a pic at the local gasthof or some other place. Bring your camera along, it can’t hurt, and you might walk away with something that inspires others to visit. Take a pic at the church when no one is present from a different angle. If it’s something folks don’t see everyday, and you’ve used your tools right, you could have a treasure in your camera! Be inspired by where you go, and you’ll see things anew.

A place doesn’t just mean buildings, either. Perhaps you like to go somewhere with a particular view that you love! Bring your camera and share that reason for going there. Share your love of the view, or whatever draws you there. Be it a hillside, the forest, or your own back yard, get out, and photograph it. Remember to visualize your scene and compose it in the right manner before you click the shutter!

Viewing old works of art can lead to new discoveries for your work. Perhaps you’d like to try photographing a scene from an old painting, give it a try. Let the muse loose and you can make a great scene that reminds folks of the art you admire.

Inspiration can be anywhere, and everywhere. It strikes anywhere and everywhere. A glance stolen between two strangers you observed in the train station, the way your wife or husband smiles at you, the nervous hand holding of your child, perhaps the sunset over the local castle ruins, anything, anywhere can be inspiring. Keep your camera with you and ready. Make sure you’re not riding on Auto mode, and keep your composition clean. You’ll bag some trophies and find the world has taken on a new look for you!

So, what (or who,) is your MUSE? Show us at the Hohenfels Volks Facebook page and share the inspiration! You may bring someone over to your side and introduce them to a new muse!

Remember; leave your comments and questions here and on our Facebook pages, also.
Thanks to all of you, have a great day!

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