Hohenfels Areas

This page will present information on places to get some great photos and about the surrounding areas.


One of the first things folks notice in the town of Hohenfels, is the castle ruins. They can be accessed by walking up the road that crosses the hill and following it around up to the top. The view is spectacular and the ruins are quite nice.

Hohenfels Volks: Hohenfels Castle Tower
Here's one view of the Hohenfels castle tower.

Hohenfels Volks: Hohenfels Castle Tower From Behind, b+w
Here's another, looking from behind the cemetery.

Looking down, the church and Marktplatz are quite an attractive view and great for pics.

In the Marktplatz, St Ulrich church is incredible. The little church is so much more on the inside than it seems from the street! Bring a reflector and a flash or two. Beside the church is a bakery. Between the two, runs an alley to the priest's house. It's a magnificent house, and with the alley proving the framing, you can get some nice shots down this way.

The rest of the Marktplatz has some really nice old buildings that can be used for textured and patterned backdrops for portraits. The little canal through the place and the open area beside the church are nice, too. The flowers in the area beside the the church can make for some great floral arrangements in your pics.

There's a great nature trail through the woods. A wonderful hike with a camera and flash! There are also several other trails around, including a panorama way. Great hikes, rides, and interesting photos!


Velburg seems to be famous for it's castle ruins and being near some large cave complexes. The views are spectacular, and they have numerous hiking and biking trails. The area is beautiful and has more than enough to keep you busy shooting great pics!

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The city of Regensburg has so much to see and do, that it should, and eventually will, have its own page!

The first thing most volks notice is the Dom St Peter. An impressive Gothic cathedral built over the course of hundreds of years, it's definitely worth the trip. there is a treasury inside, and the statuary, altar, and craftsmanship are magnificent. Take the time, and take a flash, you'll need it.

There is also the old stone bridge. It was here that knights of 2 crusades on their way to the holy land crossed the Donau. Also there is the old Wurstküche, a historic little sausage stand that was the main eatery for the workers building the old stone bridge. Great Brats are to be had there, and the view down the river lends itself to some cool photos.

Schottenkirche is an old Irish Benedictine church from 12th century and worth a shot or two. Nearby is an old town gate from the middle ages.

There is more, so keep checking for more info!

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