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Our page for tips and tricks. Feel free to add your own on our the Hohenfels Volks Facebook page and we'll post it here!

1.      If you don't have your monopod or tripod handy, or your shooting in a place that won't allow them, try a string-pod.
a.       Leave your tripod's quick release attached to your camera.
b.      Tie a piece of cooking twine or other sturdy string around the screw between your plate and the camera.
c.       Measure off enough string to reach from the camera at eye level to the ground, leaving a couple inches extra.
d.      Tie a thin piece of wood, cardboard, or aluminum with a hole in the end to the loose end, this will provide a better grip.
e.       Unroll your string, step on the grip, pull the string tight as you bring the camera to your eye.
f.        Keeping tension on the string, shoot away. This will allow you to shoot handheld with a stop or two less light if the string is kept nice and tight and you keep your elbows tucked in.
g.       Of course, your success will vary depending on lighting, focal length, and how you shoot, but it's a great little tool to help your photos get that much better!
2.      Make sure you turn your IS off when you put your camera on a monopod or tripod. If you leave it on, the lens hunts for motion, causing more vibration and therefore less sharpness.
3.      Get a large piece of white foam core. You can use it to reflect light into the shadows, and add bit of depth to your image. If you get the bright or pure white, you can also use it for white balance, just fill your frame with t he foam core, and take a shot. In your camera select custom white balance and choose the photo of the foam core.
4.      Get yourself a remote shutter release. You'll be amazed at how much improvement you'll notice on long exposures.

Have fun shooting!

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