Friday, October 21, 2011


Hello, Volks! It was an incredibly cold morning here in Hohenfels. Dark, dank, and COLD! Of course, the sun managed to burn off the first bit of fog after a slow start, and once it got going, there was no stopping! After the burn off, it was blue skies and lovely breezes to fill the afternoon. Of course, with winter around the corner in Hohenfels and our surrounds, there were plenty of signs of Volks getting ready.

I barbecued some of my ribs this morning. I got off to a slow start, much like the sunshine, due to a lack of starter fluid. Once the coals were glowing, it was cooking time. Ribs getting smoke, the breezes through the falling leaves, and the magnificent aroma of meat on the grill made for a wonderful morning.

Of course, by now you’re asking what this has to do with photography. What does it have to do with making my pictures better and improving my art? How can talking about smoking ribs possibly relate to this blog? I’m sure some of you are saying, never mind that, what’s this crazy guy doing making barbecue in October, when it’s freezing?

Here’s your answer- it’s quite simple.

There is no time like now. When you think that doing something like photography or barbecue are limited to certain seasons, you limit yourself and your art. An adventurous attitude can lead to more than just great times, it can make magic in your photography.

During autumn, there is so much color. The trees change, the world gets ready for another long cold, and things look different. When you think about it, the sky seems clearer, you notice these things more. This is one of those times that getting out and taking the shot can make more winners than losers! Just remember to visualize your shot, and compose it well. Our part of the world can offer an open pair of eyes a lot to view and a ready camera can capture some majestic shots. See the light and see the color.

See it in your mind before your eyes do, then compose that long sought after shot of the leaves changing on the tress, or the blanket of yellow, red, and orange on the forest path. Take shots of the family playing in the leaves; show the frost and how it looks blue in shade and so white in the light. Put your eyes and mind to work, make your camera do the stuff that it does, and combine it all into a prize-winning pic. Look for fall photo contests and enter them, you might just win big and while you’re trying to win, you’re sharing your vision. Isn’t that part of the reason we got into photography in the first place?

Back to what this has to do with photography. The simple fact is, photography season is year round! Don't let the seasons stop you!

Enjoy your weekend. Don't forget to share your pics and questions by posting at the Hohenfels Volks Facebook page, or by commenting here!

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