Thursday, October 27, 2011

Around Hohenfels- Kelheim

Hello, Volks! Welcome to Hohenfels Volks and to our latest Around Hohenfels.

Today we’re taking a drive to Kelheim. Located at the junction of the Altmuhl and Donau rivers, this lovely little city has a long history. The area, populated since about 500 BC, and later, conquered by the Romans, eventually became what it is today.

One of the first thing visitors to Kelheim notice is the Befreiungshalle, or Hall of Liberation.

The Befreiungshalle

Built by Ludwig to commemorate the victory over Napoleon, this massive structure on a large hill overlooking the city is visible for quite some distance. It also provides breathtaking views. Inside are huge statues representing victories during the war. Between each pair of victories is a giant round shield made from melted cannons captured from Napoleon’s forces. The giant doors are also clad in melted down cannons.

The Victories, these statues are incredible!

Another great feature of the city is the river, not only is it quite a magnificent little scene, but the river cruises that run from the city make for a great way to spend your day. Taking a trip on one of the cruises to the Weltenburg monastery provides some amazing scenery and some opportunity for relaxing on the river. The monastery, a Benedictine abbey, has a magnificent church that is a wonderful example of Baroque art. Once at the monastery, it’s time to eat. They have a wonderful restaurant and brewery. Something not to miss! Make sure your camera batteries are charged and you can visualize and compose on the fly.

While at the Befreiungshalle, you can take a hike along an archaeology trail, part of Altmuhltal archeological park, and see working sites, or you can take a nice little nature hike. There is a restaurant for the hungry and a large grassy area for a picnic in nice weather. It takes some effort to get to the top of the hall, but it is worth the climbing, twisting, and tight spots for the incredible view and sense of majesty that come along with it.

The path to the Befreiungshalle from the visitor's center.

In town again, you can find the archaeological museum and see some wonderful exhibits, or check out the Franciscan church, which has a beautiful organ that has been re-worked to sound incredible.

The city was chosen by the dukes of Bavaria in the 12th century to be their seat, so given the wonderful history and beauty that greet every visitor, it’s no wonder that a return trip will definitely be part of your future!

Here’s hoping we run into each there someday! Enjoy the weekend and remember to share your pics and post your questions at the Hohenfels Volks Facebook page, and or by commenting here!

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