Monday, November 5, 2012


Greetings and welcome to Hohenfels Volks, THE place for our place! Well, after an incredibly busy October, it looks like things are settling down enough in Hohenfels to say, “I’m back.”

Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone for continuing to check us out!

I’ve been shooting large format 4x5 film almost exclusively as of late, as well as developing and printing the results. That’s made for some interesting photos and even more interesting discoveries.

Our weather here is typical of Hohenfels, rainy and cloudy. Let’s not forget cold, too! There are still enough leaves and signs of autumn to make for some great photos, so it’s time to get out there and make our visions spring to life. Let’s not forget the Christmas markets that begin at the end of the month, either. Just a trip to the market and you’re presented with more photo possibilities that you can imagine. I’m planning up a couple shots for some friends as I write this. Now’s the time to plan yours, the joyous sights, sounds, and smells will fill your thoughts and if you don’t have at least one planned shot, you’ll be overwhelmed.

Well, I’m going to leave you with this large format photo. It was taken on Ilford’s FP4+ film, developed in Tetenal’s Ultrafin + 1+9, contact printed on Ilford’s MGIV paper, and finally developed in Tetenal’s Eukobrom 1+18 before scanning it as you see it. I adjusted the levels for contrast and mood.

Hohenfels Volks: I Subjugated
EI 125, f/22, 1/2. 4x5 film using a Calumet CC-401 view camera and Rodenstock Caltar II-e 210mm lens.
I, subjugated. This was shot with a green filter to bring the red leaves in line with the green leaves. By diminishing the levels of the red to match the green, we see everything based on contrast and sharpness, and these guide our eyes through the scene. The crop allows the whole negative to be viewed, although an enlargement would be cropped appropriately.

Here’s hoping you enjoy the rest of your week and capture the shots you’ve been wanting. Get out and make it happen, then show us, share what you felt through your images on our Hohenfels Volks Faceboook page.I'm looking forward to your comments!

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