Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Basic Calibration

Greetings and welcome to Hohenfels Volks, THE place for our place! Hohenfels was greeted this morning with the sky belching great flashes of light and a seemingly torrential downpour that lasted all of 15 minutes. Of course, our area spent the rest of the day under blue skies and wonderful cloudscapes.

Heading out to Regensburg to get some prints done, I was struck by the fact that we also place faith in others when we hand over our precious photos for processing. Of course, that faith was justified today when I saw the prints from this weekend.

Today, we’re going to touch a little on calibrating your monitor. We’re not using anything fancy, or doing too much involving more than the basic monitor settings in Windows.

For black and white work, I recommend heading over to Ilford and downloading their Monitor Set-Up Print chart. Get the chart printed at your favorite vendor; I use MPIX or Photohaus Zacharias in Regensburg.

When you get the print back, adjust your brightness and contrast settings with the image on display. Make the displayed image match the print, then save your profile. That’s it for Black and White. It should provide good brightness and contrast for general photographic use, as well.

For color, it’s a little more involved. Head over to Digital Dog and download their printer test file. Again, you’ll need to get it printed. With print in hand, make your adjustments in Windows, only this time you’ll want to adjust your color settings as well. Saturation and hue may need adjustment, and possibly your individual colors. Once everything matches, save this profile as something different.

When you’re working on color images, load your color profile before your edits. This will match your colors and levels between the display and the printer. The same applies for Black and White. Knowing your levels through calibration will make your prints match your vision far more closely than an uncalibrated monitor will. It also allows you to work more accurately.

I hope this helps; it works, and leads to great prints. Enjoy the rest of the week, as Hohenfels slides into the weekend. Create something stunning, and share with all of us!

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