Monday, April 9, 2012

Exercise, Not Just for the Body!

Greetings, volks. Welcome to Hohenfels Volks, THE place for our place! I hope everyone had a great Easter, and enjoyed the weekend, snow and all.

This week’s exercise is going to go hand in hand with our last post. Last week, we shot only on a single prime, or if you only have a zoom, at a single focal length. Keeping that limitation in place, we’re moving on to this week’s.

Hohenfels Volks: Down the Alley
ISO 400, f/11, 1/50, HP5+ developed normal with tea for slight compensation in shadows.
Looking down the alley between the bakery and St. Ulrich in Hohenfels towards the priest's residence. One of 48 taken at 75mm with the fixed focal length Ikoflex TLR.

Friday we spoke of the golden hour and the blue hour, and the quality of light present during these times. Have you given any thought to shooting at these times? Perhaps you’ve shot a magnificent sunset, but didn’t stick around to see the amazing light after that. Don’t worry; with this exercise, the chance is here to do just that.

This week, you should choose a very narrow window of time during the day, either the golden hour or the blue hour, and only shoot at that time during the entire week. Maybe every day, or maybe just one, but every shot during the week should be at about that same time every day over the course of the week.

Of course, to add depth and a challenge to the exercise, you can, and maybe should, continue using one focal length or prime lens. By learning to use only 1 length or lens, and only shooting at 1 time of day, you learn to see the light and how you can make it work for you.

Learning to see the possibilities of lighting, and equipment limitations can vastly improve your compositional skills and make for some unexpected awesomeness. You may need to use a flash or some other artificial light source, but that’s to be expected. Use what tools you have. Silhouettes work great during the blue hour, and during the golden hour, partial silhouettes can make for some great expressions of your vision.

I hope everyone will be out doing the exercise this week and share the wonderful results that they create. I also hope you’ll look beyond the limitations and see the opportunities.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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