Thursday, September 15, 2011

More Camera Controls

Today's post is being split in two part, as I intend to address two subjects.

First, more camera controls.

Here are some additional camera settings and controls for for helping you to get it right in the camera.

Exposure compensation- This allows you to tell the camera to overexpose or underexpose the image. You can usually set in in third stop increments. If your subject is a little bright, and you want to darken them up a little, underexpose by 2/3 of a stop and see how that looks. This small change can make a big difference.

Exposure Bracketing- This allows you to take a series of 3 or more shots, one will be what the camera thinks is correct, 1 will be underexposed by a stop, and the last will be overexposed by a stop. This is useful if you're not sure whether the exposure is correct and don't want to risk losing the shot.

Flash exposure lock- Allows you to set your external flash power to the area you lock your metering to. More on metering in another post.

AE Lock or Auto Exposure Lock- Allows you to meter from a different area of the scene than the focus point.

There are many more controls depending on your camera. We'll try to put more as we go!

On to the next post, Depth of Field.

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